Such is the music of LOTUS TITAN like the multi- faceted existence we all live through.
With French poetic texts and raw music, the quartet embarks on an introspective journey, sometimes painful, sometimes pleasurable, sometimes trying, but ultimately , resolutely optimistic..
Fighting through floods, against the wind and the elements; falling down and searching for ways to pick oneself back up....like the lotus; born from the mud to become a breathtakingly mesmerizing flower.

Lotus Titan breaks all the rules of ‘rock’, borrowing from urban, progressive and trance music. Carried by an intense poetic art and a powerful sound, the quartet explores innovative sonic territories, venturing into bold musical forms and accompanying the listener through a compelling narrative. Exclusively French text evokes a journey of life, of spiritual impulse. Words are deployed as sonic material creating confrontation between text and music whilst creating multiple images, sensations and atmospheres unique and individual to each musical journey.
In this setting, David Lynch has a rendez-vous with Meshuggah while Pink Floyd, Rimbaud and Patti Smith count the stars...

Julie Castel Jordy: words, voice, synths, theremin
Dimitri Kogane: drums
William Laudinat: trumpet, synths
Gérald Gimenez: composition, guitar
Arthur Ower: sound engineer

« De l’ordure naîtra l’arrogance sublime
Sous la crasse grandiront les espoirs triomphants
La fange forgera les esprits incrédules
De la boue s’élèvera le Lotus Titan »

« From the filth will rise the sublime arrogance
Under the filth will rise the triumphant hopes
The mire will forge the incredulous spirits
From the mud will rise the Lotus Titan »